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Tiled Roof Restoration

Colorbond Roof Restorations

Rivercity Roofing can now offer you tile to Colorbond  conversions, full tiled roof restorations as well as repairs through our affiliation with Nev’s roof Restoration who we have been working hand in hand with for many years.

They are one of Brisbane’s leading tile specialist’s giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with best.

From just a few cracked tiles or a flashing replacement all the way through to a full make over that will bring the sparkle back to your home

The life cycle of a colorbond roof is a lot longer than that of a standard concrete tile as they get brittle and start to crack as well as getting porous thus in turn causing leaks in multiple areas of the roof.

If you where to choose to go with a tile to colorbond  conversion we can do this for you,with our strengths covered in both fields and backed with our warranty’s you are guaranteed peace of mind that the works will be completed to the highest standards,

On a slight technical note once we remove the old tiles prior to installing the new colorbond  material we strap down the trusses.  This is to prevent the roof from lifting in strong winds as the weight is greatly reduced when the tiles are removed and this is done in accordance with building regulations