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Roof Replacement

Whether to repair or completely replace a roof depends completely on the particular circumstances of your roof.  From a cost perspective, simply repairing the roof is appealing.  But in some cases, roof repair may not be the best option.  Consider a full roof replacement if the roof itself is more than 15-20  years old or if the roof has extensive damage.

If roof damage is storm related, homeowners insurance may cover the cost of the replacement, so definitely check with your insurance agent.  In many cases, its a good idea to have your roofing contractor provide an inspection for the insurance agent and work with the insurance company on your behalf.  We can supply this service for you at a small cost

When it comes to replacing your old asbestos roof we are fully licenced for these works and adhere to all workplace health and safety legislation to ensure that not only our staff but yourself and your family and of course the neighbours well being are not put at risk and provide you with a clearance certificate issued by an independent inspector

The process of replacing your Roof

There are a few steps that are involved in these types of work although they seem complicated but  to our team of professionals this is an every day occurrence

1- Rivercity Roofing will send out our qualified tradesman to measure your roof and associated works to reduce waste and provide you with the best possible price and help us eliminate any extra costs

2- if required hand rail will be installed as stated by workplace health and safety and to fulfil our requirements of our insurance and safety of our staff

3- the existing roof is now ready to be removed in sections that can be recovered in the same working day so that when we leave site your property is left weatherproof for the time we are not there

4- asbestos removal is done in accordance with regulations set by workplace health and safety

5- tiled roofs are removed in sections and all trusses are strapped down new battens are fixed to facilite new roof

6- once the roof is removed the timber battens are inspected and any damaged or Brocken ones are replaced using 40 mm metal battens and all remaining timber ones are re-screwed using 75 mm bugle head screws

7-if required all battens can be changed this is necessary for all tiled or decromastic roofs as the spacing’s and height are inadequate for roofing to comply with building standards

8- at this point new insulation can be installed if required this is recommended as it not only gives you thermal insulation but acts as an acoustic  and condensation barrier

9- New colorbond roofing is now ready to be installed along with all associated flashings ,all sheets are turned up and on the ridge line and all flashings are scribed and sealed to give you a water tight finish

10- All penetrations are sealed and flashed

11- the roof is then cleaned using a blower to remove swarf and debris

12- All rubbish is removed from site

13- Sit back and enjoy, installing a new roof will take years of your property and give it a new lease of life


All Rivercity’s customers are backed with a 6 year labour warranty and a Bluescope steel warranty that gives you 25 years peace of mind that the products we use will last