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Roof Repairs

Roof Repair Reasons


The most common reason to repair the roof is to fix the leaks around chimneys, flashings, skylights and seams. As these places have joints or sticks up to the roof, they’re easily prone to leakage. It is also common to see leakage near the vent stacks. This is the area where the slope section of the roof meets, making it a weak spot for easy leakage. While installing, flashings are installed in these spots to avoid leakage. However, if flashings are not done properly wear and tear will cause leakage eventually.


Weather conditions:

The 2nd most common reason for roof repair is due to climatic change that is causing disruption to the roof. In most cases this is an emergency roof repair situation where the completely lost or damaged roof (due to wind or hail storm) is replaced.

Below are a few steps that you can follow when the roof gets damaged due to hail:

  • The 1st point is to see if the material is the under warranty and hail damage is covered.
  • When you find minor leakage, immediately contact the roofing company and fix it so that you can prevent further damage and also the extra cost.
  • As a temporary solution the leaking area can be safeguarded using a tarp personally or even request a roofing contract
  • You can check with the house owner’s insurance agent if the damages caused by weather on the roof are covered under the policy.
  • In case it is covered, evaluation can be taken from a roof repair contractor to provide to the homeowners insurance agent.

Cost of roof repairing

A ballpark quote for most of the residential roof repair fall between 200 and $ 2000 and they depend on the following factors:

  • Size of the damage and the repair required
  • material used for roofing; metal or tile
  • location
  • any additional expenses