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New Roofing

The most commonly used the roofing is the metal roofing (specifically in Queensland) as it is very durable and also in most cases, weather proof and provide a very long life. It has been in use for over 2 decades and is still one of the most preferred roofing materials.

Below are a few points giving it an edge over other materials and the reasons why most of the contractors choose metal roofing:

Durability: Metal roofing provides better durability in comparison to any other material and also provides very long shelf life. Further, as it is flexible one can also put creativity into use.

Attractive warranties: Unlike other roofing material, metal roofing come with a 25+ years of warranty from most of the manufacturers.

Economical energy bills: At the metal reflects sunlight heat does not enter very easily, and the whole place is cooler comparatively thus cutting down on the usage of air conditioners.

Weatherproof: In most cases these are weatherproof as it can withstand any type of weather and climatic change and also stay in place during winds and hail storm.

Fireproof: Though it is not provided a fire rating, as it is durable when compared to other materials it is highly used in fire zones.

Lightweight: In comparison to tile roofing, metal roofs are 75% lighter, thus they put a very less strain on the structure of the building.

While building new structures or replacing the already existing roofing, it is ideal to go for the steel roofs made using Zincalume or Colorbond. We are the experts as far as re-roofing concerned and we can replace them without much disruption to the property.