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Asbestos Removals

When it comes to health and safety of clients, employees, tradesmen or anyone for that matter, Rivercity roofing does not take chances. As far as asbestos removal is concerned, it is taken very seriously as we are licensed and completely insured.

We have trained and licensed personnel and asbestos removal can be done without much disruption to anyone, or the property. When the work is complete, there will be no trace of asbestos and a clearance certificate will be provided by an independent inspector who does investigation by taking samples from the spot as per the QLD legislation.


About Asbestos

This is a commercial product that is a combination of 6 naturally occurring silicate materials. It is used to in construction industry for its physical property, application and durability. It gained its popularity in the 19th century as it was considered to have excellent strength, durability and also provide flexibility. As it is fire resistant it gained popularity very soon and almost every building had asbestos usage.

However, usage of asbestos has been banned in most of the countries and in QLD as it poses very serious health hazards. When asbestos is broken, microscopic fibres which are 700 times smaller than the human hair is released which floats in the air. When it is inhaled it causes respiratory problems, which are fatal.

It is used it in different parts of Australia is widely seen as both the floor tiles and fillers. It is also common sight to see fibro roof sheets and guttering (using asbestos) to be bonded with cement. However, if this is not broken or disturbed there are no health concerns. Issue arises only when damage is caused to these asbestos and the micro fibres become air borne.

When it comes to removal of asbestos roofs and guttering, we take at most care and replace using the new colour bond materials, which reduces the health hazards. Additional benefit is that, value of the property will also increase when there is no asbestos used to in any part of the building.


Types of Asbestos

There are 2 types of asbestos coming from 2 families known as amphilite and Serpentine. The basic difference is the structure of the mineral crystals. While in amphilite the mineral crystals are formed into chains, in Serpentine it is layered as sheets. The most commonly used type of asbestos is the Serpentine, which is also known as white asbestos used in guttering and roofing.


Heath Warning

Do not attempt to remove asbestos yourself this is a specialized procedure and can result in severe health problems if not performed within workplace health and safety guidelines.

It is never advisable to remove asbestos without proper training as it might result in health issues, sometimes even fatal. The guidelines set out to remove should be followed and it is always best to wait for licensed personnel to do it. Replacing all the asbestos roofs and gutters using the Colorbond will not only provide safety from health issues but it will also increase the value of the property.